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What is in the name?

A name is equal
to An identity

The importance of a name for your business cannot be ignored. A name is a backbone to your business, an identity, a means for the world to know you. And, we at Burban have no sense of compromising when picking you a beautiful, game-changing, researched, and trademark-viable name. Passion + Creativity help us come up with the names you’ll love. We ensure only the best services to create a perfect name for your business.


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Naming Services

Name Development

After thoroughly researching your business and understanding your goals and objectives, and knowing the target market you wish to tap on, we come up with the most unique and trademark-viable names that will win hearts globally. Every single name we provide to you is researched and we ensure that every name has a meaning that not just you but the world will know. For us, name development is one of the crucial processes that we indulge in. We have worked on- Company naming, Product naming, Service naming, Food and beverage naming, Brand naming and more!

Name Strategy & Positioning

Let us break the myth- naming is simple. Fact is, it is not. A name is the identity of a brand, and in no way can that be taken lightly. Naming a brand requires the right strategies, and it is significant to understand that the name is easy to spell and pronounce, short yet crisp, can be recalled easily, and most importantly, unique, and available. Only a strategized name can move a brand to create success stories. Our team works towards positioning the brand name in the global market after linguistic screening and checking for cultural relevance so that every individual can sync with the name!

Trademark Screening

Coming up with a good name is not a simple process, and we also need to understand that the name we choose may or may not be available. What good will be a game-changing name if it is unavailable? Therefore, a preliminary trademark is conducted on all the names we choose, and the curtains will be lifted from the final name. A trademarked name protects your brand and protects your identity! Therefore, our process of trademark screening ensures that only the available names are offered to the clients to avoid conflicts.

Tagline Development

A tagline is a short phrase that brings out the essence of a brand. Ideally, it is an amalgamation of what your brand is all about in a short yet catchy phrase. It acts as a message to potential customers. A tagline tends to work in tandem with your business name and logo. Our team at Burban helps with the tagline development with only one motto in mind- Growth of the Business. The right tagline can surely make or break your business, and we understand that. With the name and tagline combined, you will be all set to take on the global world!

Research & Linguistics

Who doesn’t want to go global? The team at Burban ensures a thorough screening of names using in-country linguistics to look into meanings, avoid confusion, and understand the cultural acceptability of names. Again, this is a significant step that ensures that we provide only names that we will be embraced globally, aiding clients to take their first step of confidence into the global business world.

Domain & Social Media Acquisition

We will only provide names available to use, we promise. We are not just involved in trademark and linguistic screening; we also ensure a thorough domain screening along with a social media handles screening to make sure that the name is available literally EVERYWHERE! The availability of the name everywhere ensures consistency and helps build a reputation for your business. And that is why we are here!

Why Burban

we believe, is the
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We conduct in-depth research on your business, understand the audience, and competition, understand the feel of the name you want, and how you plan to use it in the future. We will learn who you are, the things you stand for, and your unique services/products and hop on the same page before we pick a game-changing name for you. Rest assured, we will know no pause unless your heart flutters at the name we choose for you. All said and done; after a mutual discussion and all the screening, we hand the name over to you for you to go ahead and conquer the world.

frequently asked questions

We at Burban are often asked if businesses can go ahead and create their names. Sure we can; however, isn’t it important to screen your name to ensure you can use it widely and globally? It is important to understand that even when you are a great writer and have amazing ideas written for your next venture, there are no courses that will teach you the perfect way to come up with an exciting name. The team at Burban is experienced. Once we research your business, the competitors, the target market, and the potential customers, we decide on a handful of names, screen them thoroughly to check for availability, and then hand them over to you.

First up, the team at Burban collects all the required information about your business, understands the products/services you are offering, the target market you wish to penetrate, your competitors, and most importantly, your potential customers. Right after this, the ideation process starts, which includes coming up with an exciting name that will make your heart flutter with joy. The names go through a trademark, domain, and linguistic screening and, finally, are handed over to you!

Both can change your game; therefore, there is no hard and fast rule you need to keep in mind when requiring a name for your business.

Well, absolutely! The name should be able to relate to your business so that customers can easily remember you! You need to be on their minds even when they are in a crowd of similar businesses

Absolutely. Our linguistic screening process involves in-country research to understand the significance of specific words, know the cultural relevance, etc., to ensure that you can take the name to a global platform without hassle.


“Over the years, Burban have worked with us on everything from brand design, video, photography, UI/UX. Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, care and a focus to deliver on-time.”

Jatin Panchal

Director, Rlogical infosoft Pvt Ltd

“Over the years, Burban have worked with us on everything from brand design, video, photography, UI/UX. Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, care and a focus to deliver on-time.”

Jatin Panchal

Director, Rlogical infosoft Pvt Ltd

“Over the years, Burban have worked with us on everything from brand design, video, photography, UI/UX. Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, care and a focus to deliver on-time.”

Jatin Panchal

Director, Rlogical infosoft Pvt Ltd

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