Things to consider when naming your Brand, Company, or Product

A brand is not merely a combination of a few Alphabets/words but is an image with an emotion in the minds of the potential customers. It’s a probable word that may get searched on search engines or an important keyword for internet searchers.

An Alphabetical name a jinx of a few words can put your Brand, Company, or Product as a front runner or can set it back by months.  

The question arises what are the attributes that must be considered when naming a Brand, Company, or Product. Well, it may vary for the three but the Image remains common.

User Information – Before naming clarity in gathering information about the target audience, objectives they like and dislike in a name should be well established.

Brand Name Identity and Communication – It is Critical and crucial as it is how people are going to perceive it and register. Therefore it must be meaningful with efficacy to communicate its essence, conjures an image, and is able to establish a positive emotional connection. Engaging and memorable names often have the tendency to spark imagination and correlate with any historical event or a magnetic story. The best names should be able to capture the essence of the company while leaving something to the imagination. The great names authentically express the brand message and are able to position and voice. 

 Nevertheless, it shall be distinctive, unique in its own way, memorable, and should stand out from the Name competition. Brands are associated with services and should have the capacity of being easily interpreted, pronounced, easy to spell, and easy to access if somebody wants the Search engine.

A. Establish Visual – The name must have the onus to get translated, and communicated through designs, icons, logos, and colors.

B. Avoid the Play-On words – Consumers must not get confused about the spelling of the business name which increases the chance of getting forgotten. Restrain from wordplay.

C. Cultural Sensitivity – While choosing a name it should be considered that the name is Cultural sensitive and is not having any serious negative meaning, offensive, or may hurt the sentiment of any set of groups.

D. Naturally Sounding – Names should be aurally pleasing and appropriate in the language of the customers.

  • Protectibility – trademark should be set with domain and legal and general consciousness associated with it. Domain name – One should make sure that the Domain name is available before choosing the business name. Trademark is an easy aspect so that it can easily be published on the internet. The names chosen should get easily available for registration to stay away from the legal interfaces with competitors and other bothering.

  • Future proof – it should grow with the company, maintain relevance, and be adapted for different products and brand extensions.

  • Establish existence – A clear objective of the purpose of existence of our brand, product, and Company shall be well established with a clear vision for our future and our foresightedness. A clear Mission for doable and values for our principles to guide our principles. These are the most important aspects for the companies as these are readily available and easily assessed to establish trust in the company and its products and brands.

  • Establish Competitive Analysis – Since it is always a competitive world out there uniqueness in name to standout about our business can put differentiators by a name game. It should be considered that the names are not inspired by competitors’ names or any other associated concerns.

Testing – It should be ensured that a lot of structured brainstorming has been done to make a free association of words with the products and the services. It has to be established as to what the customers are going to feel when they use the product.

Narrowing the brainstormed words, creating the mockups, and testing the top name to the best of practical reliability and its completeness as a whole will surely be assisting in Establishing be it the Brand, Company, or Product, the essentials are the good correlations.

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